Fraud Defense

We provide aggressive representation for people accused of white collar fraud, including wire fraud, mail fraud and securities fraud. These types of charges are comm added when prosecutors charge defendants with other crimes, such as bank fraud or tax fraud. White collar fraud charges are sometimes used in an attempt to hold alleged criminals accountable when prosecutors do not have enough evidence to prove other crimes.

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Understanding White Collar Fraud

While wire fraud, mail fraud and securities fraud are fairly common charges, they should be taken seriously. If convicted, you could face significant financial penalties or prison time.

While there are some nuances between the different types of fraud they all involve fraudulent schemes such as theft, money laundering, tax evasion, Ponzi schemes, embezzlement, check kiting and more. When the government alleges you committed one of these types of fraud, it needs to be able to prove intentional deception on your part.

Wire Fraud

Wire fraud involves using telephone or fax lines, email communication, or any type of Internet communication to try to defraud someone. A skilled fraud defense attorney can protect your rights when you’ve been charged with wire fraud.

Mail Fraud

If you have been charged with mail fraud, the government is alleging that you used either the U.S. Postal Service or a private mail carrier to advance a scheme that was calculated to deceive ordinarily prudent people. An experienced mail fraud defense attorney will raise all available defenses when representing you, seeking to help you avoid conviction on mail fraud charges.

Securities Fraud

Securities fraud charges allege the defendant intentionally violated a federal securities law and that the alleged violation harmed one or more investors. A securities fraud lawyer who understands securities law can defend you against charges of securities fraud.


When you choose to work with Bedi & Singer, LLP, we’ll work hard to clear your name. Specific steps and actions vary depending on the facts and circumstances of the case. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Your defense for white collar fraud charges begins with conducting our preliminary investigation into your matter.
  • We will interview you and any people who may be able to serve as witnesses in your case and will seek to gather evidence that supports your innocence.
  • We will respond to subpoenas on your behalf. As your case progresses, we may pursue the outright dismissal of the charges and prepare your case for trial.

Every case is different; you can be confident that your defense will be tailored so we can provide you with the strongest representation.

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If you’ve been charged with mail fraud, wire fraud or securities fraud, you need a skilled fraud defense attorney in your corner. The experienced attorneys at Bedi & Singer, LLP provide dedicated representation using aggressive, creative approaches to help our clients obtain the best possible outcome for their legal matters.

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