We have over 25 years of combined experience successfully defending clients in an array of state and federal criminal cases. We provide every client with an aggressive, client-centered, creative defense. Unlike other law firms, we only take a small number of the clients who contact us so that we both can focus on each client. Clients will always have access to both of us and we work together for each client to provide the best representation. We have the experience to bring success to our clients

We thoroughly interview clients and potential witnesses, and conduct all necessary investigation to provide each client with the best defense possible.

We have had success at every stage of a criminal case. Prior to litigation, we have negotiated outright dismissals of charges, pleas to prevent jail time, pleas to reduced charges, and agreements to prevent being charged. When litigation is required, we have had enormous success in the courtroom. We have successfully litigated pre-trial Constitutional motions that have resulted in charges being dropped or reduced. We have won hundreds of cases ranging from complex, lengthy jury trials, to one day bench trials.

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