Practice Areas

State and Federal Criminal Defense
Bedi & Singer represents individuals in state and federal criminal defense cases ranging from complicated financial fraud cases to simple drug cases and everything in between. Their attorneys have negotiated out right dismissals as well as won straight not guilty verdicts after long complex jury trials. Bedi & Singer attorneys have enormous amount of experience in the court and have have won case for their clients charged with:
Sexual assault
Aggravated assault and/or battery
Manufacture, sale, distribution or possession with intent to distribute illegal drugs
Simple possession of illegal drugs with the intent to distribute
Grand larceny or grand theft
Weapons possession
Credit card fraud
Traffic Cases
White-Collar Crimes & Investigations

Whether a target, a subject or a witness in a federal investigation, attorneys at Bedi & Signer advise clients at every step in their dealings with the government including preliminary investigations, responding to subpoenas for testimony and documentation, before and during trial. We have
successfully represented clients faced with the following charges:
Mail, Wire and Securities Fraud
Criminal Antitrust
Environmental Violations
Government Contract Fraud
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Health Care Fraud
Money Laundering
Civil Rights & Wrongful Death

When the police overreach and violate your rights, Bedi & Singer can help you get the money you are owed. Since we are trial lawyers we have had success in the following areas:
Excessive force by police and other government officials
Unlawful and false arrests
Wrongful convictions
Police shootings
Jail suicide
Unlawful searches Unjust prison and jail conditions and treatment